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Wendy Rogers

I think the biggest obstacles are lack of employment opportunities in small towns. Lack of funding, and lack of transportation to an area like Billings from Roundup to go to a job. These students lack funds to get themselves to Billings for employment opportunities. I think many of our students would get jobs and work if they could. There are limited opportunities here in Roundup for intern opportunities for students. We need more small town incentives for businesses. For example, I would like to open a small quilting store. Getting the funding to do that is hard. There are not a lot of loan opportunities to open a business in a small town. I could employee students from the school in my CTE area with an opportunity like that.

Randy Lay

As a center, in the state of Arkansas, our facility had an internship program for years and we used the career readiness program as a supplement. Centers here are primarily skilled trades and are funded separately from regular education. A couple of years ago our Career state department determined that the internship program should be on the high school campus and no longer funded through CTE. We have many success stories through our internship program that gave students opportunities to learn how to work before leaving high school. It's unfortunate that our CTE state department didn't find the need to fund such a vital program for student work based learning. We had to drop the program after many successes in the past 14 years. And on top of that, our state CTE department also wrote out all perkins funding to centers. That means that no centers in the state of arkansas can receive perkins money. I'm not sure that our Career and Technical Education Department is pro career and technical education.

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