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Debra Hall

Soft Skills High is an online certificate program for the teaching, assessing and awarding of a certificate upon completion of the 10 modules. We are more like a virtual school rather than an online course. Check us out www.softskillshigh.com and watch our short overview video and take the free demo to browse around.

Theodore Mackey III

Thanks Softskillshigh

Steven Bridges

Online Resources: Aquilla Educational Resources is offering our online Social Media Marketing at no cost. In response to COVID-19, Aquilla is making our curriculum FREE for the remainder of the school year with no obligation to purchase to any school who is shutting down and needs online curriculum.
We are also working to make it more conducive to at home learning. Our Social Media Mindset curriculum is perfect for any Marketing, Business, Entrepreneurship, or Career Prep course.
Please Share This with Any Teacher Who May Need It.
Thank you! www.aquillaed.com, contact: [email protected]

Snehal Bhakta

Here is some awesome resources from our partners at IMAGO.

At IMAGO, our goal is to develop students and learners to be more self-aware, socially aware, and make responsible and ethical decisions at school, work, and in their communities (AKA emotionally intelligent).

This becomes significantly more important during public health emergencies. Outbreaks, e.g., COVID-19, can lead to anxiety, fear, and stress in people. These feelings are normal.

They are offering FREE access to the following lessons and more... Empathy, Building Relationships, Teamwork and more...

If you do not have an account, contact Edgar at [email protected] and they will provide you a free account to use for the remainder of the school year.


Ashley O’Connor

Thought anyone teaching Woods of some type or even an Engineering type class could find this useful. I created some work using different Ed tech apps/options. The last assignment is a furniture in their home reverse engineering project that an Engineering class can take and use any way. Someone reached out to me on twitter, so I thought I would post it here too. I aimed this for High School 9-12th graders

It’s about 4 weeks of work +- depending on your schedule...

Good luck everyone! Have fun using our Design Thinking/ Problem Solving knowledge 🙂


Well done job by the blogger, this is really informative, i have also shared to others, your analysis is very good and you have written everything in detail.

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