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John G Thomas EDD/ABD

The question that begs to be asked is"What role should the federal government have in education?" I contest that setting national standards is appropriate. Funding education through high school is a home rule issue, determined by each state. Federal funding for College, driven by the college only lobby should be eliminated.
Now we have a Perkins CTE funding bill which I believe should be driven by the needs of the labor department. If my numbers are correct %75 of the jobs created are by small companies of 75 employees or less. CTE Advisory boards are driven by small businesses.
This said, any federal $ should be earmarked for distribution through the CTE Schools whose primary job is to train a workforce. Colleges do not want to train, they want to educate. This is why we have the best educated bar tenders and waiters in Mass.
The greatest threat to our continued job growth will be due to the lack of a trained workforce. Whatever the CTE Perkins bill is, it should be TEN times greater.

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