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Carol Hartnett

As a career and technical teacher I am asking for your support of Perkins funding. The CTE community is often overlooked in terms of what will benefit students and teachers to contribute to a stronger working class for oour future.

I am proud to say I am a CTE teacher and support vocationaltechnical education for all students.Your support is greatly needed.

Sue Page

So many of our students are better served with skills when they leave high school. CTE courses incorporate life skills and allow students to experience different fields of work. High School CTE needs funding to give our students good work place base knowledge and classes to help them become successful members in society.

Jill Parry

We know that students who go through CTE program are more productive and active members of our communities. These students graduate knowing that they can go forward with knowledge, the ability to earn a living wage, and the work principles and ethics they have learned while in CTE in high school. It is still inconceivable that we must fight a battle for funding every year on the one hand, while being told what a great value career and technical education is, on the other. Let's just get this right once and for all. Please do not let full-year funding be an afterthought anymore. Fund these programs as the dynamic, forward-thinking, lifelines for students that they are.

Bo Bundrick

I am asking for continued support of Perkins funding. The CTE coursework and work-based learning offers many advantages to students. I am a CTE Director and support career and intentional education for all students to learn a trade and problem solving skills as well as tackle our work force gap.Your support is greatly needed.


The cry for apprentices cannot be answered fully without the funds necessary to train those who would be apprentices!

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