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Kurt Wismer

Please secure the future of CTE and the funding to support it. The future workforce would be decimated without this educational funding. Your projected growth won't happen without us!


On Thursday, February 23, 2017 President Trump brought two dozen manufacturing CEOs to the White House who declared their collective commitment to restoring manufacturing jobs lost to foreign competition. Executives at this meeting represented Dow Chemical, Caterpillar, 3M, and General Motors to name a few. The CEOs stated that there were plenty of openings for U.S. manufacturing jobs but too few qualified people to fill them. They urged the White House to continue to support Career & Technical Education training for the high-tech skills that today's manufacturers increasingly require. In another meeting, the same message was given by members of the Construction Industry. Where's the disconnect Mr. President?

Robin Kvalo

This is critical funding for our CTE programs...another example of taking away from our schools. So sad.


You get what you voted for, talk with your students parents.

Stacey Troxel

CTE programming is essential for public schools to prepare students for college and career. Students who are involved in these programs are not only equipped with hands-on skills when they graduate, but also well-rounded and likely to seek out groups to be a part of like they were in high school. Being involved in college has been proven to boost the chances of student success. Please do not support cutting these funds.

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