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Eileen Fleming-Patonay

Career and Technology Education is not just school, it is job training and economic development. With all the new jobs being created, it is imperative we train our students.
Thank you.

Dr. Brenda D. Long

I urge you to support education and, specifically, Career and Technical Education. Career and Technical Education provides opportunities for individuals to have successful careers and supplies a trained and competitive workforce for a strong economy. Career and Technical Education has rigorous and innovative programs for middle and high school students which assist students in developing career pathways for additional training and ready for the workforce. Strong academics and technical skills are required for a competitive and qualified workforce.

Allison Dees

Career and Technical Education provides students with work based learning opportunities that prepares them for skilled jobs after high school. It also provides them with exploration so that they can continue their education after high school in high wage and high demand jobs. Career and Technical Education programs are industry driven. Students can earn industry recognized credentials before graduating high school.

With all the new jobs your administration is creating we need Career and Technical education in our middle and high schools so students can be competitive and qualified when joining the workforce.

Charles Rinehart

Somewhere along the lines schools put less importance on everyday skills like being able to fry an egg or cut a board. While every student that takes a building trades class does not go into a trade, they still get valuable skills they will use in their adult lives. Beyond the basic carpentry skills everyone should know, students learn many soft skills like collaboration, group work, picking up after yourself, seeing a project through to the end, and expressing their ideas in a way that is understandable to others.


thank you for this information.

Catherine Mbinya

It is quite important for graduating students to have the necessary skills for survival after High school. It's quite important to train them.


I am happy to pass on your services to others I know who are in the same situation, can't fault the service you have provided at all.

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