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Chrispinus Sifuna

This is great piece of information
Keep up.

Old Lady


educating families is the key. My family's knowledge goes back to the early 1960's) My aunt (small, close knit family) was in a car accident. I remember seeing her with head bandaged. A week in the hospital and she was sent home to rest. She was never the same. Even as a kid I saw it.

But she continued her life as a doting wife and mother. Several years later she picked up a rifle (nobody knows where she got it----) at 2:00 AM and shot her sleeping sons. She killed one and permanently disabled the other.

Sent to a mental hospital she was released three years later. That very day she filled her (even then) old fashioned claw bathtub. She climbed in and then added a plugged in lamp with a frayed cord. (Yes, she had seen that in some 1950s camp movie.) She was electrocuted

My parents generation attributed it to environment. (My uncle "might" have been having an affair; they had recently moved and she missed her old friends; etc.)

Its only when the famous (football players and/or wrestlers) fall victim that society pays attention. We've known for 60 years the dangers of head injuries. Please keep pushing for more attention.



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