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Glenda McCoy

Please support the increased Perkins Funds as an educator I have found the program to do more good than just any other, It is essential for the children of today to reap the benefits and the opportunities this program has to offer. Please vote for this increased support in the Perkins Funds for our children. Thanks you

Linda Blak

CTE programs hold the future for our students. These programs are the backbone for our workforce future. It is essential that funds be increased in order for the secondary programs to continue to be able to train students in high skilled and high wage jobs for America. We now have the opportunity to create a competitive workforce for the economy of the near future. But we must invest in quality teachers and equipment in order to be successful in this endeavor. Training a workforce early on is the only way we can compete in the world market today.

Robert Stanley

What happens when a failing school transitions their vocational education program to a modern career and technical education (CTE) program that is mandatory for all students? It transformed the school by increasing the graduation rate from 56 percent to 92 percent over the past decade. Almost 70 percent of the class of 2011 enrolled in college within two years of graduating from high school. This school is Dalton High School in Dalton, Georgia.

Fund Perkins and make it mandatory for all students to take two classes. This is the answer to the education problem.
Here is the article:
Robert Stanley

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